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Activities in the Field of Agriculture

Promoting activities based on framing and its allied activities has been effort of the organization since inception as larger chunk of the populace are engaged in agricultural activities under our operational areas. Organization has laid impetus on bringing farming technology closer to farmers besides helping them with other linkages such as market and credit access. In the same backdrop we have introduced technologies such as System of Rice Intensification - SRI under support from SDTT-RGVN and PRADAN. Besides promoting SRI organization has been providing trainings related to farm based activities such as mushroom cultivation, poultry, goat and pig rearing under support from NABARD. The activities implemented in the same context are as mentioned below:

Awareness Camp on System of Rice Intensification

LSS conducted eleven number of Awareness generation camps for promoting SRI amongst progressive farmers under support from PRADAN and RGVN. Farmers were sensitized upon the benefits of SRI farming over traditional paddy farming and process of SRI farming. The programs were conducted in month of June, 2011. Farmers were also provided hand-on training cum demonstration on the cultivation process. After the training many of the farmers have taken up farming under handholding support from LSS. Organization and PRADAN officials sensitized the farmers present during the awareness camps. The details of the programs held are as under mentioned:

Location Number of Framer Attended Date
LSS office premise, Khumbijar 35 nos 8th of June, 2011
Darrangapar LP School,Darrangapar 50 nos 10th of June, 2011
NK Darranga LP School, NK Darranga 50 nos 10th of June, 2011
Harinchara 50 nos 12th of June, 2011
Shiv Mandir, Pahadpur 50 nos 12th of June, 2011
4 No. Dangargaon LP School, Bagurikhuti 17 nos 19th of June, 2011
Pukhripar LP School, Pukhripar 22 nos 21th of June, 2011
Shiv Mandir, Phadpur 16 nos 22th of June, 2011
Pub-Goibari L.P School, Hatikata 19 nos 23rd of June, 2011
PukhriparLP School Joypur 33 nos 24th of June, 2011
Bimlanagar 32 nos 29th of June, 2011
Ghilazar 32 nos 4th of June, 2011

Exposure on SRI

Organization took twenty four numbers of progressive farmers under Nagrijuli Development Block to Bongaigaon to visit farm of Sri RakhalDuloi a progressive farmer from Bongaigoan of Chirang district. Visiting farmers could learn about farming technology and understand the benefits of the same. The exposure visit was supported by PRADAN on 28th of May, 2011.