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Our Activities in the Sector of Health

Nagrijuli development Block is one of the most remote and underdeveloped areas under Baksa district with poor health infrastructure. The villges under the block are highly prone to diseases like Cerebral malaria and several deaths occur due to social beliefs and women of the area are the worst suffers. Practices like alcoholoism amongst male folks of the community, adoloscent marriages leading to early pregnencies and poor anti natal care remain a common concern towards women and child health.

The geographical isolation and social problems in the area hampers development of health and other institutional infrastructures. Health problems in the households lead to poverty due to loss of asset and livelihoods. LSS has been promoting different health programs in the area assisting the general populace to combat health hazards and secure their livelihoods. In the same context LSS is happy to inform that it has been choosen as Field NGO under NRHM program for Tamulpur BPHC to implement RCH project. The main aim of the program would be scale up institutional delivery in regard to reproductive child health. The health activities carried out by the organization during the year are as under mentioned:-

Awareness Meeting on Mother & Child Health

Organization held a day long awareness generation camp at LSS office premise covering adjoining ten villages. Health experts provided guidance amongst village women on child and women health related issues, family planning and pre and post natal problems and care and child immunization. Health educator from Tamulpur BPHC was present in the camp to provide necessary information. The program was supported by NRHM Baksa in which 30 number of village women made their presence.